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Custom Labels

Did you know that we can make custom labels for our fabulous

drinking water featuring your company logo? We can feature your company, school, organization or special occasion on our bottled water so you can give a special gift, feature your business or just have fun! 

Below are shown just a few examples of our custom labels. If you have an idea, a photo,a logo or a drawing please share it with us so we can design a label that is sure to make your occasion, event, or advertising that much more dynamic.

Bringing Nature's Goodness To You Everyday!


An oasis of pleasure is just waiting ...for you


Have an entrancing drink of      natures best brew,


As liquid desert treasures, this little bottle brings,


Drink refreshing water             bottled from Desert Springs.


Cool and refreshing as the evening breezes,


Exhilarating tonic thirst appeases.


The best taste in water that nature brings,


Purified and bottled by

   Desert Springs


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