Desert Springs Bottled Water Co. LLC
Desert Springs Bottled Water Co. LLC

Desert Springs Bottled Water Co. LLC

Our water is supplied from a deep artesian well location, on a high plateau behind Echo, Oregon.

We start with a great source of water, and maintain high standards. Our water filtration plant is under constant surveillance of trained operators to assure the purest quality of drinking water for our customers.


 From the artesian well our water is ran through a reverse osmosis treatment. We are an approved source of water by the EPA. Every year our water source is tested by the National Testing Laboratories. Below is a link to our Test Laboratory.

Please click the link and see our test results!



Bottled Water At It's Finest!

Let us give you the best bottled water experience.

Bringing Nature's Goodness To You Everyday!


An oasis of pleasure is just waiting ...for you


Have an entrancing drink of      natures best brew,


As liquid desert treasures, this little bottle brings,


Drink refreshing water             bottled from Desert Springs.


Cool and refreshing as the evening breezes,


Exhilarating tonic thirst appeases.


The best taste in water that nature brings,


Purified and bottled by

   Desert Springs


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