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We here at Desert Springs want to make your experience with us as easy as possible. We never charge an installation fee. We do not try to lock you into a long term agreement. You decide when you start and stop your service. Call us today!


Desert Springs Bottled Water Co., LLC is a small family owned business that was established in 1996. Originally the site was the business location of Oregon Trail Honey Farms, LLC. The water is from a well that was drilled by Oregon Trail 25 years ago for their honey production plant. The well source is artesian and its discovery is due to the credit of 3 old gentlemen and their skill of witching the property for water. The 1st old gentleman used copper rods, and when he came to the well site the rods crossed. The 2nd old gentleman used a wishbone green willow stick, and when he came to the well site the stick twisted in his hands pointing towards the ground. The 3rd old gentleman also walked the property, and when he came to the well site his knees knocked together. They were unaware of the others’ findings and still arrived at the same site. Each of these old gentlemen received a gallon of honey for their services. When the well was drilled it went through 50 feet of Loam Soil and 250 feet of solid Basalt Rock. After breaking through the rock a river of water was hit that produced 250 gallons per minute which was the maximum that the well diggers outfit would register. The water from the aquifer remains at a constant temperature of 50 – 55 Degrees Fahrenheit. The rumor is that this huge flowing river like aquifer is straight out of the Blue Mountains. In 1994 after the continuous prodding of a close relative on how pure and clean the water was it was tested. The test results received from the State Registered Lab were excellent. So in 1996 Desert Springs delivered its 1st bottle of water to Scott Cimmiyotti, or better known as Scott’s Cycle Shop.

Our Mission:    To assure the purest quality of drinking water for our



Our Vision:      To be the business of choice for residences and

                        businesses with the services that we offer.


Our Values:      To treat everyone with respect, integrity, and acceptance regardless of individual values or cultural differences.


Our Goal:         To give excellent customer service to everyone. 

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